Welcome to Narlynx!

We are a brand for cats and their human companions who love to go outside with them.

Our particularly curious feline friends with a love for the outdoors have earned themselves many titles including adventurecats, traveling cats, and explorer cats. We're here to support every catventure!

At Narlynx, we believe in letting our cats guide us in choosing enrichment activities for them, and outfitting them appropriately for what they enjoy. Some kitties prefer the front porch, while others enjoy a rugged trail. Wherever your cat likes to go, we hope our products will keep them purring the whole way!

Please feel free to connect with us on our contact page, and our community on Instagram.

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NARLYNX *Mew Mew* Mittens


NARLYNX Admiralty Bed


NARLYNX Adventure Blanket