Our plan was to take in a rescue cat as an "indoor cat," but he soon made it clear that he was not happy with an exclusively indoor lifestyle. We struggled to find adequate outdoor gear that would accommodate his needs. Growing up in Alaska with a background in sewing and a lifetime of outdoor adventure, we knew what we needed to do! We started designing, manufacturing and testing quality outdoor catventure gear and Narlynx was born.

Observing the beauty of the natural world with our cats is a timeless experience. It develops an irreplaceable bond with our furry friends, and is the best part of our days.

We are here to provide you with designs made for cats with the most modern, technical materials available. Our goal is to help you maximize the safety and enjoyment of your catventure!"

— Michael, Jane of all trades at Narlynx

NARLYNX *Mew Mew* Mittens


NARLYNX Admiralty Bed


NARLYNX Adventure Blanket