Picchu: Our first fit model!

Picchu has become famous for adventuring in style, with his many winter looks. Check out the images below for a cats-in-clothes icon.

Picchu is a very special cat in the history of Narlynx. He was one of our very first fit models, and had one of the first ever produced prototypes of the Denali Down Puffer. Picchu was wearing Narlynx before we had a name.

Here he is as a young lad in his camo pre-Narlynx puffer, at an event supporting veterans. We've learned so much from Picchu over the years, and we look forward to seeing him test the future products we come up with. 

We interviewed Marina of @adventure.cat.picchu on Instagram!

What was your initial inspiration for getting into catventuring and what really motivated you to get outside with Picchu?
It's a lifestyle Picchu chose. I'm an avid hiker and Picchu used to jump into my backpack, cry, and follow me to the door from about 2 months of age. I had no clue back then that harnesses were made for cats, or that cat backpacks existed! Eventually, I started taking him out with me on short trails and he instantly loved it.

Tell us about a favorite experience you've had with Picchu.

His first flight and vacation to Banff has definitely been a highlight. It was a dream of mine to visit the rockies and being able to enjoy the experience with Picchu. The memories are priceless! Seeing the curiosity in his little eyes made it all worth it.

Tell us about a day in the life of Picchu during a catventure day. How do you prepare and what is your routine after you get home?

In Picchu's backpack we always pack pick-up bags and a squeeze treat for hydrating on longer hikes. When we hike in remote areas, we always carry a coyote spray attached to his backpack for easy access, an emergency alarm, and a fully charged phone and GPS. Depending on weather, we may bring a jacket for him. After returning from our hike, I check him thoroughly for ticks, fleas or anything that may get caught in his fur, followed by a good brushing!

Tell us your favorite story about Picchu!

So many interesting stories to tell about Picchu as he is one funny little boy. I think people are often interested in his name which is a bit unique. Picchu's pawrent's first trip together as a couple was trekking through the Andes: Salkantay to Machu Picchu. When cat dad gifted Picchu's mom Picchu as a birthday present, he thought it would be fitting to name him after Machu Picchu. This place meant a lot to them and so does Picchu.