Petri and Bear

Petri and Bear are the cutest adventure Duo! Petri loves to go along with her canine brother Bear to explore nature.

We interviewed their mom Amanda of @petri_sees_trees on Instagram.  Click here to visit their page and see all their adventures!

Petri the cat and Bear the dog

What was your initial inspiration for getting into catventuring and what really motivated you to get outside with Petri?

I have always loved being outdoors and hiking. I’ve had my dog, Bear, for over 10 years now and having him as an adventure companion has been amazing. After adopting Petri, I always felt bad leaving her behind when Bear and I would go out.

I knew that adventure cats were a thing, but I was nervous about trying it with her just because she had never spent any time outside. I didn’t want her to end up getting lost. I decided to test the waters in a safe environment just to see if she’d like it. Turns out, she was made for the adventure cat life and bringing her along has been so special. 

Petri the cat by a river sitting on a rock

Tell us about a favorite experience you've had with Petri.

Our first ever adventure outside of the yard will always be a favorite. Petri is an indoor only kitty besides when we go hiking. So, it was extra special to see her experience a forest for the first time. Although she was a little nervous at first, her curiosity quickly overtook her nerves as she took in all the sights, smells, and sounds. I watched as she started to chase little bugs, climb over logs, and pounce on scattering leaves. She loved it and from that experience on, I knew that we were just getting started. 

If you could start over with your catventure journey, what would you do differently?

When I first started adventure cat training with Petri, I tried a lot of different products because I wasn’t sure where to start. It was a bit of trial and error until I found the gear that I liked and really worked well with Petri. I am new to the adventure cat social media scene, but it turns out there is an incredible community of adventure cats happy to share what has worked for them.

If I could start over, I would have started my research there. I could have asked a lot of questions, and gotten advice from all of the other fellow adventure cats who know all about the first steps of adventure cat training. 


Tell us about a day in the life of Petri during a catventure day. How do you prepare and what is your routine after you get home?

The first things I think about when planning an adventure with Petri are the weather, location, and how busy the area is. We try to go to areas that might have fewer people and dogs. We are super fortunate to live in an area with tons of trail access right outside of town. Our adventure essentials include our backpack, leash, harness, churu treats, water, and a sweater if it's chilly out. Petri will usually ride in her backpack until we reach a quiet area on or off the trail where she can explore. Adventures typically interrupt her afternoon naps, so she’s usually ready to curl up for a nice long sleep when we get back home. 

Tell us your favorite story about Petri!

My favorite story about Petri is her adoption story. I had been fostering cats for the local shelter for a while and had no intention of adopting. Petri came to me with her mother at 2 days old. Unfortunately, her mom was too young and stressed, and we quickly realized she wasn’t making any milk. Her mom went back to the shelter and I took over bottle feeding Petri. I had never raised a bottle baby kitten and while it was a ton of work, she was the cutest, tiniest thing I’d ever seen. I wasn’t sure if she was going to make it until she was a couple of weeks old. After getting her at two days old and watching her grow there was absolutely no way I couldn’t adopt her and it turned into a very successful foster fail.