Gimli the Adventure Cat

Gimli is a legendary, loyal and loving Dutch adventure cat! He enjoys adventuring with his family, especially while riding on his pawrent's shoulders.

We interviewed Gimli's family of @norwegiancat_gimli on Instagram.  Click here to visit their page and see all their adventures!

What was your initial inspiration for getting into catventuring and what really motivated you to get outside with Gimli?

In the beginning, our motivation to take Gimli on catventures was because we live in an apartment with a balcony, so we didn't want Gimli to be unsafe venturing out on his own. We went ahead and got him a small harness. The first time putting it on, he didn't mind at all!
In addition, it was around summertime when Gimli moved to our home, so my daughter was playing outside often. One day she was rollerskating and Gimli was so interested in what she was doing. I started our IG account as well around that time and came across some cool adventure cats. I started to follow them and decided we could try that too. The first time he went outside with us was so amazing! He had no fear and really enjoyed it. So from there on we slowly started to walk more and do further hikes and that's how our adventures began.

Tell us about a favorite experience you've had with Gimli.

My most favorite experience with Gimli was during the summer of 2023. We went on our first abroad holiday by car to the beautiful mountains of Austria. He was so sweet and calm and slept almost the entire time. The moment we arrived we noticed he wanted to explore! It was late at night, so we did a little walk and decided the next day we would slowly check out the surroundings. We even took a gondola and his curiosity was magical! He wanted to look outside and walk up in the mountains with us. 

If you could start over with your catventure journey, what would you do differently?

That's a good and difficult question. I don't think I would change much as we built experiences up slowly. One thing that would have been helpful is to purchase a cat backpack earlier. We didn't know there was such a thing at first! 
For other future adventure kitties, we would recommend having the basic essentials including: 
  • Cat Backpack
  • Harness
  • Leash
  • GPS tracker
We learned all the above from experience and seeing other catventures.

Tell us about a day in the life of Gimli during a catventure day. How do you prepare and what is your routine after you get home?

We start the day with our basic routines. That's first a Churu and brush his teeth (so that the normal routine stays in place for him). Then he usually uses his restroom. We always check if he went so we know if we can expect him going to need to use the outdoor restroom. We always grab the backpack and put it in the room so Gimli knows we are getting ready for a nice adventure. We then check all our essentials.

The day before, we always check if the GPS tracker is loaded or needs charging. We pack some extra Churu and in the backpack are his other essentials: water, blanket if it's colder, towel when it's a little wet outside, etc.  When we are all set to go, we call him and tell him we're going outside. We get his harness on and the tracker and leash. and then he can go in the backpack. Sometimes he immediately prefers to walk himself so we go outside and depending on where we are going, by foot, by bike or by car we are ready for our adevnture.
During the walks and adventures we always check the surroundings for loose dogs, crowded places and most importantly how Gimli is feeling. He can decide himself if he wants to walk, be carried in the backpack or on top of the backpack. After the walk he always gets a Churu, some kibbles and water. In the hallway he knows where our home is so we always do a "who's first" and he always wins. And once we are home or in the car he always wants to drink a little more and then its's time for his nap.

Tell us your favorite story about Gimli!

There are many sweet stories to tell about Gimli. But I think my personal favorite is that he loves being on top of the shoulders of my partner Sander. Even when we are bicycling, he loves to lean over his shoulder and sniff and smell the surroundings. He even has a little smile and you just see how he loves it! It always makes me happy to see how happy he is.
Also, on our last holiday in October, it was so much fun seeing him with my daughter, exploring the Northern part of the Netherlands and having fun. They have such a special bond and it's magical to watch how they interact and have so much patience and respect for each other.