All About Majo

We interviewed Majo's mom Maren of @majo.the.bengalmix on Instagram! Majo is an incredible adventure cat living in Germany. Click here to visit their page to see all of their adventures! 

 Cat Majo in tall green grass

What was your initial inspiration for getting into catventuring and what really motivated you to get outside with Majo?

It was cat mom Maren from the very beginning who said to cat dad, “if we have a cat one day, I want to go on adventures with her. She has to see the world and experience all the things we experience!”

We adopted 3-month-old Majo in February 2023 and the mission was clear. From the very start, Majo enjoyed looking out the windows and watching birds. We could see in her eyes that she had natural instincts, and she wanted to do all the wild things little leopards would do in nature!

We began with harness and leash training as soon as we had Majo with the big goal in our mind: Majo will go on trips with cat mom and cat dad. We want to be together as much as possible because we love her and we want to inspire her!

Cat on leash climbing in tree

Tell us about a favourite experience you've had with Majo.

One of cat mom’s favourite experiences with Majo is the day she decided to lay in cat mom’s lap. Because Majo used to sit next to us, not on us! Cat mom was so fulfilled with all the feelings connected with love because she knew, this is a big sign of trust!

If you could start over with your catventure journey, what would you do differently?

I would maybe slow down and relax more. Cats take their time to experience new things and are masters of facing new situations. 

In the past, I was unsure and anxious if Majo showed some madness about a new situation or looked confused. I thought, did I do the wrong thing with her? Should I take Majo home now?? 

But every time it came to situations like this, I know now that I should have had patience and stayed relaxed. 

Now I know that Majo will figure out how to do it on her own, no matter what the situation is. She is a strong and smart cat!

 Cat drinking from stream

Tell us about a day in the life of Majo during a catventure day. How do you prepare and what is your routine after you get home?

If we go on a trip, we will prepare the cat backpack first. Then we will put Majo’s harness on. Once her harness is on, she knows what we are doing. She will sit down and wait patiently at the door until we get our shoes and jackets on. The catventure can start!

After we get home, we unleash Majo and she will jump on her throne to get some snacks. Then it’s relaxing and cuddling time!

Tell us your favourite story about Majo!

Cat mom's favourite story is about communication! One morning Majo sat in front of the door to the garden. She wanted to go outside on her own for the 10th time!!

We said to her: Majo, you can’t go outside and inside every five minutes!

Majo looked at us unbelievably and meowed and meowed. 

We say: Majooo!

She answers: MAAAJOOOO!

We were very amused about Majo saying her name and we scratch her ear. 

And yes, Majo won and went outside for the 10th time that morning. 

Such a clever little Leopard!

 Bengal cat standing on hiking trail